The LAP-BAND is an adjustable silicone ring that is laparoscopically placed around the top of the stomach to form a very small pouch (15cc or 1/2oz).  Band tightness can be adjusted by adding or removing saline through a port, which is implanted under the skin of the abdomen.

The LAP-BAND enables weight loss by suppressing hunger and increasing satiety with smaller meal portions.  Weight loss after LAP-BAND surgery is variable, but averages about 50% of excess weight.

For patients who have had the lap band procedure and have lost contact with their bariatric surgeon, our surgeons can provide scheduled band adjustments and follow up visits. 


Weight Loss Surgery Consultation with Dr. Doraiswamy or Dr. Moon

We offer a no-obligation, educational consultations with Dr. Doraiswamy or Dr. Moon to help you better understand weight loss surgery.  A consult with Dr. Doraiswamy or Dr. Moon is a great way to learn more about weight loss surgery and if it is right for you. They are the leading experts in Bariatric Surgery, and it is their top priority to achieve great outcomes for their patients. 

During the consult Dr. Doraiswamy or Dr. Moon will discuss with you the Sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric Bypass, and LAP-BAND procedures.  In addition they will do a more personalized evaluation of your health history to discuss which operation may be best suited for you.  The goal of the consultation is to educate you so an informed decision can be made.  There is no obligation once you leave the office. 

Schedule a consultation by calling our office at (626) 600-2094.